The reduction of the number of products used appeared as a real objective, a commitment in a responsible consumption process. Sophie Guillou is going to make it her workhorse and, for years, she sets out to conquer the “multi-function” formula based on the latest research in biotechnology. A true restorative and anti-aging treatment, Claudius N°I fights all the signs of skin aging, restores the epidermis ecosystem for its good biological functioning. It brings hydration and softness, soothes all the discomforts of the skin, restores the firmness and the oval of the facial contour. The complexion is radiant, the skin is invigorated and visibly younger.

Claudius N°I: all the benefits of a complete skincare range in a single product.
Claudius N ° I is at once a:


The speed of absorption and optimal dosage of Claudius N°I confer the qualities of a serum.

Eye countouring

Its featherweight and non-greasy texture, not to weigh on the eyelid, a “non-migrating” formulation to prevent progression towards the eye by capillarity, the absence of aggressive assets, and of course, a good ophthalmic tolerance make Claudius N°I an appropriate care around the eyes.

Day time

Its texture, between fluid and cream, and the power of its assets allow Claudius N ° I to be used day and night. In day care, it moisturizes for the whole day, beautifies the skin, makes the complexion fresh and brighter. Protecting the skin from external aggressions, Claudius N°I makes a very good makeup base.

Night time

In night care, its formula offers an intense and restorative care: its active ingredients provide the skin with everything needed to preserve the cells of the epidermis and help them regenerate.


With the respect for the environment in mind, Claudius N°I was developed with the least processed natural and organic ingredients. All components and techniques— potentially polluting the environment or toxic to the organism- are excluded. Our ecological approach has led us to propose a complete treatment, making the daily application of different products obsolete. Claudius N°I is a healthy, well thought-out and eco-friendly cosmetic brand.

The patented “Airless” bottle

The patented airless bottle prevents air intake when the pump is activated, allowing the components to be optimally preserved from oxidation, pollution, bacterial contamination and light.